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"Listen closely to the music of Ainsley Matich and the Broken Blues, and you’ll hear raw poetry along with Matich’s accomplished compositions."
- New Orleans Living Magazine

"[Ainsley's] passion started young and continues to grow in NOLA as the band plays local shows and builds their following
through original music described as 'rock ’n’ roll blues pop.'”
-Where Y'at Magazine

Combining blues, roots and rock and roll, Ainsley Matich and the Broken Blues bring their audiences original music, telling stories of the broken-hearted, the hopeful, the passionate and the confused. Underscored with some killing horns and a rhythm section that can do no wrong, you're sure to get hooked with just one show.

Get our debut, self-titled album through this website by clicking HERE! Or purchase it through CD baby by clicking OVER HERE!

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Bloggin the Days Away...

New Album Coming! 

Hey Folks!

We've been busy over the summer recording 10 new tracks for a brand new album! We're about to start the mixing process, but thanks to our engineer Ben Lorio, the tracks already sound amazing. This album represents a big step forward for us from both a musical and production stand point, and we can't wait to get it out to y'all! Stay tuned for more updates on the album, as well as upcoming gigs, music videos, and photo shoots - in the meantime, enjoy some pictures we took at the studio!

Much love,

10 Things To Do With A Tomato... 

I was listening to NPR the other day during one of their shows about food, and there was a guest on talking about the wonders of heirloom tomatoes. They had even written a book, something like "21 Things You Can Do With Heirloom Tomatoes". As a person who doesn't like tomatoes, I decided that I needed my own list of ways to use a tomato, none of which involve actually ingesting the damn things.

"What?!" you might be saying. "Ainsley, you mean to tell me you don't like tomatoes?"


"What about tomato sauce? Do you eat pizza and spaghetti?"

I do. I like tomato sauce.

"But not tomatoes?"


"That doesn't make any sense."

I'm aware of that. I have no explanation. I just don't like tomatoes.

"Maybe you just need to try [XYZ] tomato, they're way better than the regular ones."

No thanks, I really just don't like tomatoes.

"What about fresh ones?"

If it's a tomato, I'd really just rather not eat it. I don't like tomatoes.

"What about in salads, or on a sandwich?"

Stop asking me all these goddamn questions about tomatoes! I don't like tomatoes!

So, without further ado (or further imaginary conversation with myself), I present:

10 Things To Do With A Tomato If You Don't Like Eating Tomatoes

Thanks for reading!

Every once in a while, I feel really cool 

This just happens to be one of those times. I'm thrilled to show off this video that our friend Karron Lane took at our last Allways Lounge show of our song "Mama Don't You Weep." If you like what you hear, you can get that song along with other great tunes on our debut album, available right here on this website! In the meantime, enjoy a bit of our live show from the comfort of your very own wherever you are right now.


Doin What Comes Naturally 

This week, on Adventures In Adulthood....

We shot a music video! With very little actual idea about how to properly shoot a music video, I'll admit, but we did it! They always say, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself! I don't know if that saying applies to tasks and skills that you have no prior experience with, but I'm testing the theory. A huge thank you to band friend Jenny L. for doing all the photography, filming, and helping us get set up with editing. This definitely would not have been accomplished without her. Also a big thanks to the band for spending hours in the hot New Orleans Sunday sun. We had the talented Jon Ramm with us on trombone for the shoot, making it an even better time!

Not sure yet when the completed video will be released, but hopefully as soon as possible! Oh, I almost forgot - Andy swears that Sam Smith drove by us and checked us out during the shoot. I'm a little skeptical, but I also think that it's a great story, so I'm gonna go with it. Sam Smith dropped by our music video shoot! He was pretty cool, but I told him to scram because we had work to do. Ha!

While we wait ever so patiently for the video to go to post (I feel very cool saying that), please enjoy this video from the Japanese-pop metal band Ladybaby. It's the closest thing I could find to what I want my video to look like.

Much love,

We have great friends 

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU! (was that loud enough?) to everyone who came out to see us at our past few shows. We always enjoy seeing your beautiful faces and spending our night times rocking and rolling with you. Second, I want to say thanks specifically to our friend Jenny for these beautiful pictures she took for us at Banks Street Bar. It was a fun night!

Stay tuned for announcements of future shows! Have a wonderful day.

Peace and love,

Watchu Doin' Tomorrow? 

I'll tell you what you should be doing tomorrow - coming out and seeing us play at Banks Street Bar! We have one more gig to close out July, and then we wade into the muggy month of August. If we gotta sweat, might as well do it together. And thanks to band friend and guitar player extraordinaire CJ for this pic of us at Cafe Negril last Monday. Fun times!
Peace and love,


Have you ever heard of the traditional Korean instrument called the gayageum? Even if you have, you've probably never seen it like this! Enjoy the talented Luna jamming on an Elmore James tune to get your weekend started. Then come check us out tomorrow at Dmac's Bar and Grill!

Peace and Love,

July Gigs 

It's getting to be that steamy part of the New Orleans summer, the time of year when we forgive each others' sweatiness and B.O. because, frankly, there's no way to avoid it. Multiple daily showers, provided by mother nature as well as the Water and Sewerage Board of New Orleans, are the only ways to make it through with any sort of decency.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to come get stinky with us at our upcoming gigs! 3 opportunities for you to sweat on the dance floor like nobody's watching (or smelling!), come check us out!

Peace and love,

There are no upcoming events right now.